What happens if someone reports my opinion?

It is very common within the community that sooner or later you receive a notification in your email that someone has reported you. Don't worry! It can always be a human error so everything can be resolved in just a few minutes of your time.

Although the majority of opinions that are deleted on our platform are due to automated, malicious and massive content that we automatically delete once we detect it, we also give the power to our users to report and respond to their own complaints to defend their opinions. reviews and opinions regarding a store or business.

Why has an opinion of yours been reported?

AllReviews is a portal that prides itself on the transparency and honesty of its opinions. That is why we give the power to all our users to rate, that is, give positive or negative votes to published comments, be able to respond and create debate on the company pages and finally also report a publication that you believe does not comply with our responsible content policy.

Our team will always evaluate all complaints made between users, with some being clearer than others when accepting or rejecting the request. In many cases it is because you have used a swear word, an unfortunate expression or your words have been too harsh against the company in charge. In those cases you must edit and correct your review so that it is approved again.

In other cases where we detect serious violations of our policy, this would be:

  • SPAM content to third parties

  • Unverified AI Content

  • Suspicion of attempting to influence an audience to consume or not consume the goods and services of a company registered on AllReviews

These mentioned cases would lead to a permanent suspension of the account as well as the deletion of all opinions carried out through said account.

What should I do if my opinion is reported?

In the event that one of your opinions has been reported, you must wait to receive an email informing you of the reason for the report and the actions you must take. At AllReviews we always believe in human errors and second chances, which is why we give users the opportunity to appeal our decision if they believe it is unfair or lacks context on their part.

Therefore, every time a user is reported there will always be three conclusions:

  1. Delegitimize complaint - In case there are no compelling arguments to remove the written opinion.

  2. Contact both parties or do an individual investigation on our part - If we consider that the solution is not clear, information will be requested to accredit and verify the opinion.

  3. Delete the reported review - If compelling and clear reasons have been found for this.


Who can report my review?

Both AllReviews users and the owners of the company where you have published your opinion can decide to report your comment. Always take into account the scope of your words, especially if you are writing a particularly negative experience towards the company.

Is the resolution process different if a user or a company reports me?

No, at AllReviews we treat all reports equally regardless of where they come from. Nor will we give more weight to a complaint by a company, we are committed to equal conditions between users and those responsible for the published companies.

What happens if a user or company abuses the reporting function?

In the event that a user has reported to multiple accounts and their suggestions have been rejected, if a correlation or attempt at defamation is detected, they will be penalized appropriately, up to and including suspending the account.