What happens if a Business abuses the Report Reviews option?

Because we have a specialized team working continuously to protect real and reliable opinions and eliminate those that are not, we take very seriously all the reports and complaints that our users and companies publish.

This is why we try to make our work as efficient as possible and we do not tolerate attempts at defamation or unjustified abuse of the option to report comments.

While we try to protect the public face of the business from abuse, all opinions matter, and just because an opinion is negative or not in line with our thinking is not sufficient reason for it to be removed from our platform.

Do companies have privileges when Reporting comments?

No, although we differentiate the reports that come from a company from those that come from individual users, when a published opinion is reported, whether from a user or a company, all of them will go through the same filter and evaluation to qualify whether the complaint is justified or not.

This is a completely free option that we put at the service of both users and businesses to defend themselves against attempts at slander, false opinions and defamation. At AllReviews we believe that all published stores and services are subject to possible criticism and subjective eye of former customers. Although these clients can make mistakes, get carried away by their negative side or overdo it, the owners will always have the tools to defend themselves.

Consequences if a company abuses the Reporting option

Although these companies have a convenient tool to protect themselves from criticism, this does not mean that they can freely use what they consider should not be a valid opinion. When you report a written experience you will always have a reminder of how we value such reports as well as a link to complementary information.

This means that when making a report you are fully aware of the reason, and if you commit abuse, the company or the user is aware of the possibility of future penalties on their account or complete suspension of it in serious cases.

What do we consider Abuse of the Report Function?

Although we treat each case individually and understanding the circumstances, there are certain attitudes and ways of acting that we consider abusive towards other users who have not broken the rules. To make it easy to understand, we are going to put three cases that can cause your account to be deactivated for abusing anonymous reports.

Malicious Report

From AllReviews we can access a user's report history. This means that we can see how many complaints you have made in total and to which company. Sometimes there are businesses that do not like receiving negative reviews from their buyers and, instead of solving it with dialogue, they try to report all negative opinions without valid justification of a business in a convenient way while leaving the positive ones intact.

In clear cases where the intention is to influence the opinions of users, the account will be permanently deactivated and the company in question will be held accountable. 

Report strong criticism

To put it clearly; If a person has felt cheated when purchasing a product or service, at AllReviews we believe that they have every right to express their disagreement with their feelings and share them with other users.

Just as there may be people who are excessively amazed by a company, it is fair that there are also dissatisfied people. The fact that an opinion is strong or very emotional is not sufficient justification for reporting it.

Report without Justification

If we value something at AllReviews it is our time and that of our users. This is why reporting and denouncing users repeatedly without a logical justification that coincides with the facts described entails a penalty in the form of account suspension permanently or temporarily.

How to Report Correctly as a company?

If your company has a public relations person, we always recommend talking directly with the displeased customer, either privately or publicly in the comments section, to resolve the issue. If you are sure that it is a malicious or false review, we encourage you to report it.

Remember that you have at your disposal a guide for companies on how to make the most of the functions that AllReviews offers to improve their public face.

How effective is our Reporting system?

We want to offer our users the best guarantees. That's why we have a 24-hour automation system that tracks bots and eliminates any suspicious behavior such as report spam, vote spam, or other unusual behavior.

In addition to this, at AllReviews we have a human team that treats each case with great care to make the best decision and even if a user does not agree, they can always appeal if they think we have made a mistake.