Terms of Use

AllReviews is part of Reviews International and a globally accessible platform for online reviews that connects businesses with consumers to enhance trust and encourage mutual cooperation through experiences and diversity of opinions. It is available at no cost, open to everyone, and is founded on the principles of transparency and honesty in the internet with a main focus on online-shopping security.

  • Our Privacy Policy, which details the type of information we collect from you and the management of this data 
  • Our Conduct Guidelines for Users, which specify acceptable and prohibited actions on our platform 
  • Our official policies, operational regulations, and codes accessible at legal.

Whether you are browsing AllReviews to search for businesses and reviews or you plan to submit your own review, acceptance of these terms is necessary to clarify your legal rights and duties. Your access to and usage of our platform is always predicated on your agreement to these terms so please take it always into consideration. Should you at any point disagree with these terms or find yourself unable to comply with them, you must cease all use of our platform. It is important to understand that any interaction with our platform is strictly governed by these terms.

You formally accept these terms by any of the following actions:  browsing, accessing, searching, writing a review, editing, removing, or in any other manner using our platform. That also involves clicking a checkbox or button, or otherwise providing an affirmative indication of your acceptance of these terms.

Access and Usage of AllReviews

Here's a detailed guide on how to access and utilize our platform.

Third-party Technologies: Our platform may utilize, display, or link to third-party technologies, products, and services. While we present these options, we do not endorse them nor do we make any commitments regarding their reliability or compatibility with your tech setup. We cannot ensure that our platform will function seamlessly with your browser, network, or computer configuration.

Creating a User Account: To engage actively on our platform, such as leaving reviews or interacting with other users’ content, you need to create a user account. Each individual is allowed a single user account that is non-transferable. To create this account, you may use your Facebook or Google credentials, or your email address along with a verification code we send you. At times, your account might be automatically set up and pre-populated with your information following specific actions, like responding to a review invitation or signing up through Facebook.

Choosing a Username: You must pick a username for any public interaction on the platform, such as writing or commenting on reviews, or generating any content. This username helps identify you to others. Use caution if choosing to use your real name as your username, as it could disclose your identity. Your username should not include offensive or illegal terms, impersonate others, or use restricted titles like "Guest", "Admin", or domain suffixes.

Responsibility for Your Account: You are solely responsible for the security and activity of your user account. Do not share access or your login details with others. If you believe your account has been compromised, contact us immediately. Keep your account information, including email, current and accurate. You can update your username yourself by logging into your account.

You are accountable for all actions performed through your account, including content creation and interaction with other users’ content.

Identity Verification: You may also opt to verify your identity through our platform for added security. This involves choosing an ID, photographing it along with a selfie. Our handling of your data during this process is secure and detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Responsibilities for Users

When engaging with our platform, you must adhere to the following obligations:

Platform Use Compliance

  • Age Requirement: You need to be at least 18 years old to use our platform.

  • Platform Security: Do not compromise the security or integrity of our platform.

  • Functional Integrity: Avoid any actions that might damage the functionality of our platform or hinder other users' experiences.

  • Authentic Reviews: You must refrain from writing, commissioning, or participating in the creation of false reviews. We define fake reviews as those that do not represent a genuine experience of a service or purchase, or are intended to manipulate customer perceptions or unjustly harm a business.

  • Lawful and Respectful Conduct: Ensure your actions on the platform are not misleading, offensive, unlawful, or infringing on others' rights. You must also adhere to our Reviewer Guidelines and policies.

  • Respectful Interaction: Always act respectfully and courteously towards AllReviews employees, partners, customers, and other platform users. We do not tolerate any form of abuse or bullying towards our staff, especially during interactions with our support teams.

  • Marketing Restrictions: You are prohibited from using our platform to write marketing-driven reviews or to promote yourself, any services, products, or businesses.

Reviewer Guidelines and Policy Compliance:

You must always respect and adhere to our Reviewer Guidelines and policies, which may be updated and changed at any time without notice. These changes will take effect immediately and apply to you without the need for any additional acceptance or confirmation on your part.

Ownership Rights:

We retain ownership of everything on our platform, except for content that belongs to others, such as user-submitted reviews. This includes all rights associated with the design, compilation, and overall appearance of our platform, including logos, graphics, and trademarks ("our brand"). You agree not to copy, distribute, modify, or use any content from our platform or our brand unless explicitly authorized by us. This includes not using our brand or any platform content, such as TrustScores and user reviews, unless specifically permitted.

Ownership of User-Generated Content: You retain ownership and are responsible for any content you create and share on our platform. You also affirm that you possess all necessary rights to produce and use such content. Unless we remove your content for violating our Reviewer Guidelines, or you choose to delete it, it will continue to be displayed on our platform and may also appear on third-party services and networks like Google indefinitely.

Licensing Your Content to AllReviews: When you create, post, or display any content on our platform, you grant us a global license to use, modify, publish, and exhibit your content in any manner, without any limitations and without compensation to you. This license also allows us to make your content accessible to other entities or individuals, including our clients, for various purposes such as syndication, distribution, promotion, or publication. 

Additionally, you grant us the right to initiate copyright infringement actions against anyone who uses your content without your or AllReviews's explicit consent, as permitted under applicable copyright laws.

Feedback and Suggestions: We welcome and value your feedback, ideas, and suggestions regarding our platform ("feedback"). We may utilize this feedback indefinitely without any restrictions or obligations to compensate you. This means we can freely use, cite, and reference your feedback as we deem appropriate.

Support and Assistance: If you encounter issues, our Help Center provides resources that should address most concerns. If the Help Center does not resolve your issue, further assistance is available from our support team, which you can contact through our designated form.

Commitment to Impartiality: We encourage you to use our platform to share genuine insights about the businesses featured. It's essential that all reviews and user-generated content you provide are authentic and unbiased, adhering to our Reviewer Guidelines consistently.

Privacy and Data Management

Below, we detail the types of data we collect during your use of our platform and how we manage this information.

Personal Data Handling: Any personal data collected about you through your usage of our platform is processed in line with our Privacy Policy.

Confidential Information Protection

We commit to safeguarding any confidential information shared and expect the same in return.

Protecting Confidentiality: In your interactions with our platform, you might share confidential information with us or learn confidential details about us. Both parties agree to implement reasonable measures to shield this confidential information from unauthorized access by individuals, entities, or third parties, except when shared with our affiliates or when your feedback, which is not deemed confidential, is provided.

Termination and Account Suspension

We outline the conditions under which your access to our platform may be terminated or suspended.

Our Termination Rights: We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend your access to your user account or to filter user-generated content if you violate, or threaten to violate, any of these terms, our Reviewer Guidelines, or our policies.

Your Termination Rights: You can choose to delete your user account at any time. By doing so, you will lose the ability to post reviews, and all your existing reviews will be removed from our platform.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

These clauses are critical as they define the scope of responsibility and liability between you and us, and we strongly encourage you to read them thoroughly.

Liability Terms: We are only liable for direct loss and damage that is foreseeable and directly attributable to our actions if we fail to adhere to these terms. The combined liability of us and our affiliates to you under any circumstances will not exceed £100.00 (one hundred British pounds sterling).

Service Availability: We do not guarantee uninterrupted access to our platform, which is provided on an "as is" basis without any warranties.

Dispute Resolution

This section provides the procedures for resolving disputes.

Resolving Disputes: Most issues can be quickly resolved to everyone's satisfaction by contacting us through the designated form. If issues remain unresolved, you and we agree to pursue claims solely within the jurisdiction specified in the 'Contracting Entities and Governing Law' section (section 26) of these terms.