Review Retention Period

Reviews on AllReviews will be online indefinitely for reviewers with user accounts and users without an account.

Our retention policy

1. To change a review on AllReviews, you must have a user account. We consider that reviewers are user-generated content. They belong to the author, who can edit or permanently delete them if they would like to. For users without an user account we do not have the option to let them change their reviews. Contact us if you would like your review to be deleted at a later point. 

2. We are transparent about how long we retain your reviews on our platform. Our users have the right to know how long their reviews will be accessible to others.

3. We adhere to privacy and data protection standards to protect the information of our users. This also includes reviews which should be stored and managed securely throughout their retention period.

Why a retention period is important

Reviews play an important role in your decision making process, whether it be about purchasing a product or using a service. By maintaining reviews for an appropriate period, we aim to provide users with access to relevant and up-to-date information to facilitate informed choices

Retaining reviews while the user account is active benefits the community by providing a repository of user experiences that help consumers make informed decisions. Furthermore, by allowing users to manage their reviews and account, AllReviews upholds principles of user autonomy and privacy.

This extended review retention framework ensures that users have full control over their contributions and can manage their privacy effectively while participating in the AllReviews community. If you have any questions about your reviews or account, or need assistance with managing your content, our support team is always available to help.

Ownership of Reviews:

Reviews posted on AllReviews are considered user-generated content. As such, they are owned by the author of the review. When you create a review on AllReviews, it is linked to your personal user account. This ownership empowers you to manage your content directly—meaning you can edit or delete your reviews at any time.

How Long Reviews Are Retained:

  • While Account is Active: Reviews are stored on AllReviews as long as your user account remains active. This ensures that as long as you are a participant on our platform, your insights and contributions remain accessible to other users, providing valuable information and feedback about businesses.

  • Active Deletion: If you choose to actively delete a review, it is removed immediately from the platform. This allows you to manage your digital footprint and control what information remains available publicly.

Impact of Account Deletion:

  • Automatic Review Deletion: Deleting your AllReviews account triggers the automatic deletion of all associated reviews. This is a crucial aspect of our commitment to user privacy and data control. When you decide to remove your presence from, we ensure that all your contributions are also permanently erased.

  • Privacy Policy Alignment: The deletion of reviews upon account termination is consistent with the guidelines outlined in our privacy policy under the section "How long do we store your personal data?" This policy details how we handle user data and outlines users' rights concerning their personal information.