Our Mission Fighting Fake Online Reviews

At AllReviews we firmly believe that the opinions of real users are the most important thing to create an open and transparent community where companies as potential new customers can see if the product or service that a brand offers is really of interest.

Unfortunately, this task is not always easy due to the appearance of different factors that seek to misinform the reader who wants to see reliable and true opinions. We can classify these cases into three points that are part of our commitment to the transparency and integrity of the platform.

Cases of False and Malicious Opinions

  • False Experiences: We often find reports from users where all their opinions are suspicious for being harshly positive or negative through unusual descriptions.

In these cases there is always the suspicion that these opinions are related to the company's competitors seeking to scare potential clients or, on the contrary, false reviews that are very positive and there may be a suspicion that the owners themselves are creating their own users to create opinions. that are not objectively real.

  • SPAM: This is one of the most common and luckily easier to detect since its content usually has nothing in relation to the company description. This type of inappropriate content is usually promotional, meaningless text SPAM or other types of content that are not useful for readers who do want to be informed through real reviews from people who have consumed their products or services.

  • Reviews resulting from bot attacks or made by AI: Recently with the appearance of artificial intelligence at AllReviews we are continually fighting to prevent us from receiving unverified opinions or those suspected of being written by AI. That is why we encourage any user to report these types of users through our Report tool.

How do we fight reviews that are not real?

From our AllReviews team we take this problem very seriously. That is why we have a specialized support team where we work 24/7 to listen to the community through their complaints and reports of reviews that are suspicious of not being made by humans or not being genuine.

Thanks to the fact that we are constantly updating ourselves, we have several advanced security systems to prevent massive SPAM attacks or AI-generated content. However, we always invite our users to be alert in case they have doubts whether a user's reviews are organic and reliable. Let's make the Internet a cleaner place to read honest experiences both positive and negative!

How do we act when we detect that a review may be false?

At AllReviews we always work on automated systems that automatically eliminate those reviews that follow an irregular pattern or unrealistic time frames. This means that we have automated many of the potential fake reviews that attempt to post on our platform.

For exceptions we have the users themselves who are also interested in maintaining an honest and clear community. When a user submits a report about irregularities in the reviews, our team will follow the following steps to determine if we are indeed dealing with a malicious and unreal review or if it is a reliable opinion.

  1. We analyze both parties

In any dispute, both parties must always be heard; Therefore, our professional in charge will read the complaint and reasons why the user considers that said review should not be published and will subsequently read the original review. Through this process the examiner may approve or disapprove the request in the event that the matter is not clear.

  1. In case of doubt -> Investigation

If there are still doubts about the reliability of the content written in the review, we will contact the author directly to validate their experience and reasons to verify their opinion of the business. It must be taken into account that from our team we not only “trust” the word, but we do a complete analysis of the account history of the reported person, such as the frequency in which they write reviews, the total score in them and their content.

  1. The Written Opinion is Accepted or Eliminated

With the testimony and our private investigation we can absolutely conclude whether said opinion belongs or not to our platform. Today we have a high success rate when it comes to knowing with certainty which opinions are useful, reliable and verified and which should be deleted from the system so as not to maliciously influence the attitude of the potential client.

There may be certain exceptions where the review writer can keep their post in exchange for editing it in a way that complies with our correct content policy (Remember that we always offer help and advice on How to Write a Review)