Getting Started: A Guide for Professional Reviewers

Knowing how to offer constructive criticism, express a negative opinion respectfully, or write a neutral and informative comment on AllReviews is invaluable. This guide will show you how to review like a pro.

At AllReviews, we aim to build a conscientious and discerning community that evaluates online companies and services. Our online opinions wield significant power, whether by rewarding a company for its good practices or calling it out for poor ones. This feedback helps alert other users about which websites they might want to consider or avoid.

By joining this movement, we can foster a safer, more transparent online shopping experience. But what exactly is AllReviews?

What is AllReviews?

AllReviews is a platform that connects users with online stores where they’ve made recent purchases. Every purchase leaves us with an impression: Was the customer service up to par? Did we receive damaged goods? And crucially, would we shop there again or recommend it to others?

Our mission is to empower everyone to share their opinions and reviews, whether positive or negative, as long as they adhere to our codes of conduct. AllReviews serves as a bridge between users and stores, and we moderate comments to ensure compliance with our guidelines. Want to avoid having your review removed? Keep reading!

First Steps

If you’re a new AllReviews user and want to become a professional reviewer, follow these steps:

  1. Create Your Profile

Setting up your profile is straightforward; we only need your name and email. When writing a review, the name you provide will be visible. To maintain privacy, consider using just part of your surname. If you wish to stay anonymous, our support team can replace your name with initials.

  1. Manage Your Profile

Once your profile is active, you can access your reviews and scores through a general panel. Customise your profile, perhaps by adding a photo if you want to stand out as a top reviewer.

Is having a profile important? Absolutely. Attaching a face to your reviews lends credibility and authority as someone who has actually experienced the service. At AllReviews, we prioritise the security and privacy of our members and won’t tolerate any harassment from companies unhappy with their feedback.

What are the benefits of having a profile? Managing, editing, or deleting your reviews becomes easier, especially if you reach an agreement with the business owner. You can also get notifications when companies respond to your comments, directly via email.

Deleting your profile and data is also an option. Simply contact us to initiate the process. We take data protection and privacy very seriously.

2. Start Reviewing!

With your account set up, you can now explore various companies by category, such as clothing stores, insurance, and finance websites. AllReviews boasts thousands of profiles for businesses you likely have used.

We Recommend…

  • Think about online stores where you’ve recently shopped or received services. Reflect on your experiences, whether they’re positive or negative.

  • Use our search engine to type in the brand name. If it’s registered on our site, you can see existing reviews from other users.

  • Read, respond to, and create detailed reviews, sharing whether you’d recommend shopping from a particular site again.

Your comments can receive positive votes, boosting their visibility to other users. Use this responsibly!

What Can You Find in a Company Profile?

A company profile provides information beyond user reviews:

  1. Basic company description: Details about the company's founding, history, and other relevant information.

  2. Contact information: Users can find ways to contact the company and leave feedback.

  3. Overall score: Reviews are rated from 1 to 5 stars, considering product, service, pricing, and delivery. Users must also answer the key question: Would you buy from this store again?

All this information is public and accessible to both users and the company.

How to Write Reviews on AllReviews

When writing a review, strive to be as professional as possible. Choose your words carefully to avoid penalties or removals of your comments.

Organise your thoughts and recollect your experience. Aim to be detailed, descriptive, and realistic.

In every company profile, there's a section to write a review. This feature is open to all former customers. We randomly verify purchases through emails after posting a review. If you can't provide proof of purchase, your review won’t carry the "verified" mark.

Write an Excellent Review on AllReviews

Follow these guidelines to craft a stellar review:

  • Be honest: Avoid manipulating data or dates. Accuracy is key, even if you’re dissatisfied. Owners can report reviews they believe to be false. Proven false reviews will be removed.

  • Be descriptive: Provide useful details without veering off into anecdotes. Focus on what would be most helpful for others deciding to buy based on your review.

  • Protect privacy: Don’t include personal details or specific names of employees. Keep the focus on the service or product.

How to Write a Review…

  1. Enter your name and email.

  2. Specify the service or product purchased.

  3. Describe your overall experience: product or service details, prices, durability, and any relevant policies. How were you treated? Was the service worth it?

  4. Rate the company from 1 to 5 stars in terms of product, service, pricing, and delivery.

  5. Indicate whether you would buy from this website again.

Writing reviews should be easy, but doing it thoughtfully and professionally can be challenging. Always remember that thousands will read your review and make decisions based on your words. Be fair, polite, and responsible.