Can I have multiple AllReviews Reviews Accounts?

On Reviews International we only allow one account per user. Trust and integrity are fundamental to AllReviews. To ensure consumers can rely on the reviews they read, it's important to prevent misuse by limiting users to a single profile. This helps keep our platform secure and trustworthy.

How to Merge Multiple Profiles?

If you have more than one profile, please contact us to merge them. You will need to provide the email addresses associated with all your profiles. If you have a preference for which profile to keep active, let us know so we can retain it.

What Happens After the Merge?

Once your profiles are merged:

  • All reviews you've written will be consolidated under the chosen profile.

  • You will have one set of credentials (email/password) for logging into AllReviews.

Can I Revert the Merge?

No, the merge is permanent. Since we only allow one profile per user, once profiles are merged, this decision cannot be reversed.

This streamlined approach ensures each user maintains a single, consistent identity on AllReviews, enhancing the credibility and reliability of our platform. If you need to merge profiles or have any questions about this process, please reach out for assistance.

What happens if we spot a user using multiple accounts?

On AllReviews we have an automated way to spot people that are using multiple accounts through IP. To avoid people spam positive, promotional or bots fake reviews the system will automatically ban the IP of the suspected users.