Why do we think experiences are so important?

Why Choose AllReviews?
Transparency is key for businesses. The best way to demonstrate this is by showcasing the voices of recent customers. We believe companies should live up to their claims. If a business fulfills its promises, there's no reason not to be featured on AllReviews. In fact, it serves as an excellent billboard showcasing satisfied customers. This approach helps bring attention to strong companies that truly deserve their place in the market.

Are AllReviews' Comments Genuine?
Absolutely! We have a 90% confidence rate that all reviews are authentic. For the remaining 10%, any doubtful reviews are promptly removed. We understand that review sites can sometimes be misused to unfairly tarnish a company's reputation. That's why we employ advanced software to track IP addresses, email verifications, and other methods to verify review origins.

Are You Independent?
We are completely independent. This platform was born out of frustration from dealing with certain companies and having no place to voice our grievances. We have no motive to cast companies in either a positive or negative light. Our sole aim is to ensure that both negative and positive feedback are fair, rewarding businesses that truly merit recognition for their hard work.

Do Poorly Reviewed Companies Get a Chance to Improve?
Our goal is to highlight businesses that honour their commitments. Positive reviews act as endorsements, reflecting the quality service provided, as assessed by independent customers. The same principle applies to negative feedback. We want businesses to make good on their promises. We evaluate the seriousness and nature of complaints. If a review is deemed justified, it remains on the site. Often, we facilitate communication between the customer and the company involved. This gives businesses a chance to address the issue, either by resolving the complaint or offering an alternative resolution. We then follow up with the customer to confirm if the problem has been resolved, and if they agree to either amend or remove the complaint.