In this age of technology, every house has some kind of electrical equipment. Think about your Smartphone, but also the TV that you watch the evening news on. But they all need cables in order to work or at least charge. And sometimes those cables break down. That’s when the question arises: where can I find a new cables? Cause most stores only sell the whole package. One of the shops that specialises in cables is But what can you expect from their cables? Will they work for the device that you buy when for? And how will they rate on customer service and delivery service? That’s something you can read here, on AllReviews. Here, former and current customers have left reviews about in which they elaborate on their experience with and opinion on this shop. Read them to inform yourself on what you can expect when shopping with

    About is a TV cable expert. They have a warehouse which is situated in Bedfordshire. They offer aerial cables like sky remote eye TV cables, plug in sockets, plug to plug cables, satellite cables like dual coax, RG6 coax, f-type adapters, TV aerial amplifiers and aerial splitters for TV, satellite and duplexers. They also offer audio video cables like stereo phono, digital audio, video cables, digital audio converters, scart leads, music cables, custom install cables, and cables for gaming consoles like the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 and for your iPod or iPhone. They also offer cable adapters like displayport adapters, HDMI adapters, firewire adapters, scart adapters, USB adapters, SATA adapters, coax RF adapters, audio adapters etc. They also have a supply of USB cables, Firewire cales, internal data cables and PC to TV cables for your computer. And they have coax connectors, audio connectors and cables for your monitor, power cables, speaker cables, telephone cables, TV brackets and cables for your tablet and Smartphone.

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    All the cables that you order on the website of, will be delivered to your home via their delivery service. You can pay for your order via Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, JBC and PayPal. If you need the customer service of, you can reach them via a live chat with one of their live agents.

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    Have you ever purchased a cable at Even it was just once and a small cable, we would like to know about it. How did the delivery process go? Are you satisfied with the product you received? Did the cable work properly with the equipment that you already had? Of did you have to contact their customer service about some problem of complaint? And if you did, how did said customer service treat you? Please let us know by leaving a customer review. Your review helps other people to see what kind of shop really is. That way they can make an informed decision to visit or to stay away.

    How will the cables from work? Read the reviews about their cables for audio, video, USB, Consoles, TV's and more.
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