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    Dog owners will probably know the problem: you are going on a day trip or holiday but you have a dog that needs to be walked and fed and no family or friends that can or want to take care of your four-legged friend. One thing that you can do if you don’t mind a relative stranger to take care of your dog is to search online for a website that brings together dog owners and people that would love to take care of a dog for a couple of hours or days. One of the websites is BorrowMyDoggy. But is this website reliable? And are profiles the borrowers that want to take care of a dog reliable too? And if something goes wrong, does BorrowMyDoggy help you to take care of the problems? For the answers to these questions, listen to what people that have already made use of BorrowMyDoggy can tell you about that in the customer reviews they left here, on AllReviews. These reviews can make you feel a bit more comfortable with using this dogsitting service or prevent you and your dog from making a big mistake.

    About BorrowMyDoggy

    BorrowMyDoggy is a website for dogsitting services. Its goal is to leave “pawprints of happiness” on both the dog, the dog owner and the dog borrower or dogsitter. The company was founded by Rikke Rosenlund, who started the company in 2012 after she dogsitted her neighbours’ dog and saw how much the animal enjoyed the walks and attention during a day he otherwise would have spend stuck alone inside a house. On the website, she aims to bring together dog owners and people that would love to take care of a dog for a while.

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    Services of BorrowMyDoggy

    You can subscribe to the website as a dog owner looking for a dogsitter or a dog borrower willing to take care of a furred temporary dog. The membership fee is about £4 a month for dog owners and £1 for a borrower. If you have any questions that you want to ask or run into some issues while using BorrowMyDoggy, you can contact their customer service. They have an online form on their website that you can fill in.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for BorrowMyDoggy

    Are you already a member of BorrowMyDoggy? In that case, we would greatly appreciate the addition of your customer review with your personal experience and honest opinion about this website for dog borrowing. Did you as an owner get your dog back happy and healthy? And as a borrower, were you having the time of your life with your borrowed dog? Did everything go well or did you run into some problems? Your review can help others to find out if this dogsitting service might be something they would be willing to try out.

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