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    Are you in search of a healthier, less socially abrasive alternative to your regular cigarettes? Blu e-cigarettes provide a line of products that allows customers to capitalise on the newest development in nicotine consumption: vaporising nicotine liquids. As one of the first commercial retailers of this product, Blu provides comprehensive ranges of devides and liquid flavours, but we want to know how customers have found their products. Read reviews to hear first hand experiences of customers, or leave a review yourself to let people know your feedback.

    About Blu

    Blu is one of the many companies that has appeared recently to serve the increasing demand for electronic cigarettes. Blu was established in 2009, in North Carolina, US, by another smoker Jason Healy who wanted to create a ‘’lifestyle brand for smokers’’. The brand is currently owned by Imperial Brands PLC, and are the second most popular e-cigarette brand, with 23.6% of the market by profit. The brand emphasises the extent to which their product has revolutionised smoking for people around the world, being one of the first brands to sell tobacco products without the severe health hazards or odour problems.

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    Services of Blu

    Blu offers a range of e-cigarettes, liquid top-ups in a range of flavour and accessories to improve the customers smoking experience. The brand's selection of e-cigarettes includes starter packages which come with a rechargable e-cigarette, some refillable blu liquid, and a clearomiser which is what holds the e-liquid and helps heats it creating the vapour. There is also a separate page offering liquid top-ups or refils, including their five flavours of tobacco, menthol, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry. These flavours refills can als be sources ffrom most major supermarkets, including the Co-operative, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda. The same page offers vapour liquids without nicotine. As this is a relatively new technology, the Blu website includes in depth descriptions of what functions oeach part o fthe e-cigarette has, in case customers are unclear. This includes an explanation for how clearomisers, e-cigarette cartridges, batteries and chargers all work.

    To help keep people informed of trends in the vaping world, Blu run a blog, and have also launched Blunations, the loyalty rewards system, attracting customers to stay by offering exclusive offers that can be attained through points, which are gained by buying their products.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Blu

    Let us know how you found Blu’s range of products, including the flavours and the smoothness of their e-cigarette vaping. How would you say their device compares to other companies in the industry? How would you rate their customer service? Perhaps you have engaged with their loyalty system and cashed in points for one of their exclusive offers? Let us know all your experiences in a review so future customers know what to expect with Blu.

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